Buy Neike Boutique Hotel 

Neike Hotel currently has 707 m2 built (covered); and is on a plot of 6,000 m2.-

It is fully decorated and furnished, and has 16 surveillance circuit cameras. The lighting

ambiance was made by the same person that did the Hotel Faena

Actual score in Booking is 9.6 and in Trivago it is 9.1.

The owner of Hotel Neike is a public limited company with 11-year-old Bearer Shares.-

In 2019/20, the 7th season of the Neike Hotel in activity.-.

By decision of the current shareholders, Hotel Neike works only five months a year and

has ten rooms available to customers.


Agreements have not yet been developed with companies such as BQB, wholesalers of

receptive tourism packages.

The property has a 60% FOT which means that it is possible to build up to 60% of the land

area of 6,000 m2. Therefore, an additional 2900 m2 can be built it can be quadrupled. the

current area of 707 m2.-


Important: the common areas of the Hotel Neike (reception, lobby, cinema, kitchen,

laundry) are sized to supply the construction of 10 additional apartments. - The night

concierge, the maid, the maintenance of the Park and the pool, and the maintenance in

general; There are already paid within the current facilities.


The operation is a sale of bearer shares and is a contract between private parties. Its

possible that Only one person acquires 100% of the share package. Who are the owners is

seamless to the Uruguayan state, because all taxes fall on the Society.


Therefore, it does not matter the amount of shares that were transferred. It is not reported

anywhere. It is a contract between the parties, they are bearer shares. The one who has

them is the owner.

Value $1.500.00 Euro (Financing is possible)

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